Welcome to The Center for Pediatric And Adolescent Medicine. Pediatric clinic for Dr Billingsley, MD, FAAP; Dr Kappes, MD, FAAP; Dr Rosa, MD, FAAP; Dr Catherine Haywood, DNP, FNP-BC and Virginia Tucker, FNP-BC

At the Center for Pediatric Medicine we provide the highest standard of care for our patients from birth until the time they turn twenty one. Our three pediatricians are all Board Certified in Pediatrics. We also count on two excellent Board Certified nurse practitioners as our physician extenders.

Our facility has four exam rooms for each pediatrician and an efficient layout to minimize waiting time. There are separate well and sick waiting rooms to avoid our well visit patients from being exposed to contagious infectious diseases.

We also offer an After Hours Clinic for acute problems. It operates on a walk-in bases and is also open on weekends.